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Homeschool in a Box 

We have decided that we want our programs to reflect the home education lifestyle rather than mainstream schooling. With this idea and the upgraded Australian Curriculum V9 our programs will also be available in full year format {in addition to term boxes}. Home education doesn't need to reflect the mainstream terms or semester timetabling, learning can be completed at the child's own pace, no time limits and no rush! You can start at any term or week.

Our English and Mathematics programs will be collated into a 12-month program. Science and HASS will be separated into topic, allowing you to choose what topic your child learns or a topic that may interest them.

You can also pick and choose your novel study.

We have combination boxes that include registration documents, Program sequence, 12 months English and Mathematics programs and a variation of science, HASS and novel studies. Check them out!

Our programs can be downloaded and printed before you set of on your travels or begin your educational journey or you can purchase the term boxes that include all the materials you need.

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Preparing  for home education in 2024?

Homeschool in a Box can organise the whole years program outline, an editable document for recording and reporting and advice on lodging your application. 

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