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Year 6

Your home education does not need to reflect a classroom environment but you may wish to align your teachings with the Australian Curriculum. Homeschool in a Box provides the year 6 complete program for you. Below are a list of the learning areas Homeschool in a Box covers in the year 6 Box.



The English box includes language and  literacy activities. Literature novel studies and novels themselves will be included in the program box. Speech and  language tasks, spelling and handwriting. The English box also includes a workbook additional to our own program.

The science box contains weekly programs aligning with the Australian Curriculum as well as the materials required for the fun experiments and ready printed worksheets or tasks. Your child will learn physical, chemical, biological and earth and space sciences by creating and exploring real life experiences.


The Mathematics box includes hands on learning activities focusing on number and algebra, measurement , geometry, statistics and probability all aligned with the Australian Curriculum. the box contains a full 10 week program suited to year 6. the Mathematics box also includes a workbook in addition to our program

Humanities and Social Sciences

Humanities and social sciences, H.A.S.S, covers the Geography, History and citizenship. Year 6 history and geography covers research into the early explorers, neighbouring countries, continents and the importance of our environment and sustainability. citizenship focuses on law makers and the political system. The H.A.S.S program includes creative ways to display the children's learning and teaching them about research and enquiry. 


The Health box focuses on nutrition, well being and healthy lifestyles. The weekly activities are educator lead with topics such as nutrition, behaviour and heath and safety..

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