Foundation Year

Early Stage 1

Your home education begun from birth, Homeschool in a Box will help you carry education at home through to Early Stage One, the foundation year of primary schooling. Your home education does not need to reflect a classroom environment but you may wish to align your teachings with the Australian Curriculum. Below are a list of the learning areas Homeschool in a Box covers in the Foundation Box.

The English Box includes a 10 week program for beginner readers, phonetic and decodable readers, consonants and vowels sounds learning flashcards and activities. Literature, novels and readers are included in the program box. Fun spelling and alphabet games (physical not electronic) Language skill activities and more.


Inside the Art box are materials to explore your child's creativity. The arts box includes, paints, crafts, design materials and 10 lessons to engage the students learning. 


The science box contains weekly programs aligning with the Australian Curriculum as well as the materials required for the fun experiments, ready printed worksheets or tasks instructions. Your child will learn physical, chemical, biological, earth and space sciences by creating and exploring real life experiences.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Humanities and social sciences, H.A.S.S, covers the Geography and History Australian Curriculum outcomes. During the foundation years the student will be learning about their personal world. They will explore different families and how families celebrate as well as the connection people ave with places. The H.A.S.S program includes creative ways to display the children's learning and teaching them about research and enquiry. 


The Mathematics box includes hands on learning activities focusing on number and algebra, measurement, geometry statistics and probability all aligned with the Australian Curriculum. The box contains a full 10 week program suited to the foundation years.


The Health box focuses on nutrition, well being and healthy lifestyles. The weekly program includes ideas to get physically fit as well as exploration into eating healthy, safety and families.

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