Term 2 Mathematics, English, Science, HASS and Health


The complete box includes English, Mathematics, Science, Health, History/Geography,  and Art.

the box contains:

  • educators guide and checklists
  • program sequence for registration
  • stationary including pencils, glue, textas, ruler, coloured pencils etc.

For English

  • 10 week program with Australian Curriculum links.
  • readers and novels for
  • printed collaborated worksheets
  • flashcards for foundation and year 1
  • Novel and novel study
  • 100 spelling words and activities
  • Literacy activities for example nouns and adjectives
  • Creative writing exercises
  • Phonetics and early reading activities
  • Readers for foundation (prep) to year 2. 

 For Mathematics

Mathematics includes

  • 10 week program with Australian Curriculum link 
  • Numeracy and algebra activities
  • Geometry and measurement activities
  • Probability and statistics activities
  • Hands on physical lessons as well as self paced worksheets.
  • All materials required for example coins, dice, measuring tapes and counters.

For Science

  • 10 week program with Australian Curriculum link
  • Worksheets and experiment logs
  • Weekly experiments and all materials provided with exception of common household items such as a kettle or spoon.
  • Video links and activities


  • 10 week program with Australian Curriculum link
  • project based assignments
  • information and booklets provided if needed for that lesson.

For Art

  • 10 week program with Australian Curriculum link
  • paints
  • Art  supplies such as paper, crape, playdough, glue etc
  • pencils/crayons

For Health

  • 10 week program with Australian Curriculum link
  • 10 recipes that kids can cook
  • Gardening materials
  • Well-being activities
  • Textbook provided and worksheets associated.
  • Outdoor activity ideas



There is no need to purchase any extra materials or download apps. the lessons are exciting and unlike traditional schooling can be incorporated into any environment and completed at any time in any place.

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