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Year 3 Term 2


The complete box includes English, Mathematics, Science, Health, History/Geography,  and Art.

the box contains:

  • educators guide and checklists
  • program sequence for registration
  • stationery including pencils, glue,  ruler, coloured pencils etc.

For English

  • 10 week program with Australian Curriculum links.
  • printed collaborated worksheets
  • Novel and novel study
  • Spelling workbook
  • Literacy activities for example nouns and adjectives
  • Creative writing exercises
  • Novel and Novel study

 For Mathematics

Mathematics includes

  • 10 week program with Australian Curriculum link 
  • Numeracy and algebra activities
  • Geometry and measurement activities
  • Probability and statistics activities
  • Hands on physical lessons as well as self paced worksheets.
  • All materials required for example coins, dice, measuring tapes and counters.

For Science

  • 10 week program with Australian Curriculum link
  • Worksheets and experiment logs
  • Weekly experiments and all materials provided with exception of common household items such as a kettle or spoon.
  • Video links and activities