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We decided to forgo traditional schooling and spend a year travelling Australia with our three kids (ages 8, 5 and 1). We are both lawyers and reasonably conscious of ensuring our children kept up with schooling so that they were not behind when we returned to the traditional schooling system.


We had to enrol through the Queensland Home Education Department (HEU), which required a full curriculum and wanted us to keep evidence of what we were teaching our kids. We purchased grade 4 and prep (foundation) boxes from Homeschool in a Box. The boxes were better than I expected.  Homeschool in a Box also provided a full curriculum for us which we used for our homeschool application. We had no issues at all being formally approved for home education. Each subject comes with an educator instruction booklet which explains what you should be doing each week, we’ve been writing in this book with comments and initialing it as we complete it to make sure we can show the Education Department what we’ve been doing. The workbooks for the children are engaging and easy to work through. The boxes contain everything you need to complete the terms work.  The boxes are compact for travel, and we can fit everything in an A4 box that is under 10cm high from Kmart. +


We’re one term in and I will definitely be buying the rest of the terms as we go. I also like that we can buy a term at a time if we want to, since we are traveling it saves us carrying around more than we need. 





Kathryn P, Traveling Australia
            QLD registered.

We are currently in our first term of using Home School in a Box and we have been extremely impressed so far.
It is straightforward for the parents and child and has been easy to use. With everything that we need provided, we honestly couldn’t ask for anything else.

I wanted a program that didn’t include an online component and Homeschool in a Box provided exactly that. While travelling around around Australia, our internet reception is hit and miss and I prefer to minimise screen time where possible so this program works perfectly for us.

My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed it and we find we easily get through the work in a short amount of time each morning and get to spend the rest of the day enjoying ourselves!



Tara P, NSW

The Fraser Family

We began using Homeschool in a Box in 2021 as we wanted to remove our two children from public education. The kids were so happy to open their box when it arrived, it was like Christmas. 

Everything we needed was included, down to the stationery. The kids love the science experiments and activities. What I like best about the program is how easy it is to follow, there are explanations of how to complete the activities rather than just downloading and printing worksheets. All the hard work of searching for worksheets and meeting the curriculum standards is done for me and now I can concentrate on teaching my children.

thank you Homeschool in a Box!

J Fraser

Happy Family
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